My Story

The Sea of Grass was a prairie on the plains of the Ukraine many millennia ago. An area where Asian, Celtic and European cultures came together. I love the idea of this, as I was born into the cultural melting pot of Singapore, with Scottish, Romany and Italian ancestry. I have been making all my life, working with paper, stone, glass, metal and textiles. My creativity has been inspired by my background, a love of the natural world and the sustainable, natural materials I have explored for creative projects with my children.

The Sea of Grass studio is a love of colour, and a love of quality, natural materials sourced from all corners of the earth. It is a union of modern, sustainable technologies and simple craft processes. These handmade products are made with care by myself in my studio in North Cornwall, all the materials are responsibly sourced and the suppliers are small eco-friendly businesses.

The Sea of Grass is a contribution towards a simpler, more sustainable, slower way of living.



'lovely delicate colours and perfect for plein air'